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The Pros and Cons of Marble Tables.

Marble is an elegant and timeless stone which works perfectly well as a decorative element. It’s not only unique as a work of nature, but also universal with its different kinds and color variations.

Before purchasing a table with a stone top, it’s worth to know a few details. Thanks to that we’ll get to know the material and make a conscious decision. 


01. Aesthetic diversity

Marble is a timeless stone and it will perfectly fit both classic and more modern interiors. It occurs in many kinds and colors. Its pattern or shade is unique. You won’t find two identical stone fragments, thanks to which you can be sure that your table will be not only beautiful but also absolutely unique in its originality.

02. Durability

Marble as a stone is durable and rather resistant. When applying proper care, it can serve you for many long years to come. But you should keep in mind that not every marble will be suitable for outside. If you want your table to be used also outside your home, it’s worth choosing the kinds of marble that are resistant to atmospheric conditions. Verde Alpi or Pietra Grey will be suitable even for not very favorable conditions.

03. Timeless elegance

Marble top table is a purchase for years. Not only because of its durability, but also the timeless design. This natural material never goes out of fashion.

When it comes to marble top tables, we need to have in mind also some disadvantages:

01. Weight

You should keep in mind that every stone has its weight and it needs to be supported by an appropriate table construction. It’s worth paying attention to it as product safety is really important. A frame made of steel or wood will support the stone top properly. Both materials give great stability and are good for heavier marble tops.

02. Usage

It’s important to think how our table will be used. Marble is pretty susceptible to discolorations, but the conservation we use preserves the stone from most of the stains. The most important thing is to wipe off the liquid right away if we spill anything. If we do so, the risk of any permanent stains is really little. Marble is really sensitive to acids, so you need to pay attention especially to them.

03. Conservation

Marble tends to get scratched and discolored due to inappropriate use. Spilled juice or using unsuitable cleaning products can damage its surface. You can avoid scratches or discolorations if you take appropriate precautions and use suitable cleaning products available at professional stores.

Regardless of the type of marble, you choose for your table, you can be sure that you’ll get beautiful furniture that will serve you for many long years to come.