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How to properly care for tables with marble tops?

Marble is a metamorphic rock created from metamorphosed limestone, less often dolomite. It’s mostly composed of recrystallized calcite. It’s a beautiful stone from the ancient times has been considered as a very valuable material, used in building, sculpting or architecture.

Marble is still considered a very elegant, sophisticated and exclusive material. That’s why it’s really nice to be surrounded by it on an everyday basis.

Although the stone itself seems unusually hard and durable, in fact, it’s rather susceptible to damage, both physical and chemical. That’s why it’s so important to apply proper care. If you have a table with a marble top, you need to be careful and avoid acids and strong alkalis, such as, for example, lemon juice, vinegar or wine.


How to properly care for tables with marble tops?


01. Coasters

If you have a table with a marble top, it’s a good idea to use different types of coasters when serving meals, especially with really hot dishes, like pots or frying pans.

02. Microfiber cloth

For everyday care, it’s enough to have a simple cloth that won’t scratch the surface and will keep it dry.

03. Ready-made product

It’s worth getting ready-made products available in professional stores. Their usage, both in everyday care and when getting rid of recent smudges, should be enough.

The advantage of ready-made cleaning products is that they have adequate proportions of the ingredients, adjusted to specific marble types, like Carrara.

04. Water and detergent

Greasy stains based on oil, like cooking oil, milk, cosmetics, etc. have a tendency to go into the marble’s pores, if the stone hasn’t been in any way preserved. Such smudges make the stone’s surface look darker and less aesthetic. That’s why it’s really important when buying a marble table, to make sure that it was impregnated.

It’s good to start getting rid of the smudges with a simple washing up liquid mixed with water. You should, however, remember not to leave wet stains and to dry off the surface right away. 

05. First aid kid methods

It’s best to start cleaning the table top or getting rid of stains with less aggressive products and to gradually increase their force if previous methods fail.

Distilled water or white spirit are delicate and effective when it comes to recent, small smudges. Just take a swab with some of the liquid and quickly wipe the surface. Spirit tends to matt down the varnish so it should be used only now and then.

Also, baking soda combined with warm water (3 tablespoons for every 125 ml of water) can be used as a safe cleaning product.

06. Stronger chemistry.

Tabletops can be cleaned with petroleum spirit. It’s a universal substance that serves to dilute and clean dirty pieces and surfaces. Unfortunately, it can damage the varnish so it should be used only with matt surfaces.

In the case of really difficult-to-remove stains, you can use the mixture of water and petroleum spirit with an addition of a 2% non-ionic detergent. It requires constant shaking in order to keep the ingredients mixed with each other, but this product is very effective when it comes to stubborn dirt that got into the stone. It’s important to wear protective gloves when using the product as it’s irritant.


What shouldn’t be used!


When it comes to everyday care for marble surfaces, you should avoid bleaching products containing chlorine, so any cleaning milk available at the stores with household chemistry. Preparations with silicone oil should be also avoided, as well as the products with acidic and alkaline pH.


You shouldn’t be afraid of cleaning marbles. On everyday basis, it’s enough to have a good cleaning product and a soft cloth in order to keep your top clean and please your eye with it for many long years to come.