Table Helen

A thick oak top made of four separate planks is characteristic for this minimalistic table. That’s what gives it character and distinguishes it from other tables. The whole construction is based on a simple and delicate steel frame.

Oak Wood - Steel



Oak Wood - Steel
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160×90, 180×90, 200×100

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The power of simplicity

Helen table is an embodiment of simplicity that never goes out of fashion. That’s what makes this minimalistic table so powerful. The top made of four separate planks gives it an exceptional charm.

The form of this table is very simple and delicate, which makes it look light and at the same time very practical. The leg construction doesn’t in any way limit the space to set the chairs around the table.

It will be the center of your dining room and a place where all the family members gather together.

Minimalistyczny dębowy stół z czterech osobnych desek - Stół Helen od Hoom


Minimalistyczny stół z grubym dębowym blatem wykonany z czterech osobnych desek to znak rozpoznawczy tego minimalistycznego stołu. Całość oparta jest na delikatnej stalowej podstawie. Stół Helen od Hoom
Minimalistyczny dębowy stół do jadalni z czterech osobnych desek - Stół Helen od Hoom
Minimalistyczny dębowy stół do jadalni z czterech osobnych desek - Stół Helen od hoom
Stół z czterech osobnych desek z drewna dębowego. Minimalistyczny stół od Hoom

Oak Wood - Steel

The minimalistic Helen table was fully hand-made. The carefully selected materials and our attention to details make it unique and one-of-a-kind. The oak from which the table top was made is a perfect material for surfaces that are being used very often in everyday life.

It’s hard, resistant to damages, and nicely grained. Together with the steel frame, they make a timeless, beautiful duet and perfectly complete each other.

Dimensions 160x90x78cm 180x90x78cm 200x100x78cm
Number of people688
Tabletop Thickness5cm5cm5cm
ImpregnationWax OilWax OilWax Oil

Most common questions

Can this table be ordered in a folded version? +-
Niestety stół Helen nie można zamówić w rozkładanej wersji. Napisz do nas, a z chęcią zaproponujemy Ci jakąś alternatywę.
What color of the base can I choose? +-
It is important to us that the table you choose is ideally suited to the interior and your needs. Therefore, the color of the base can be selected from the RAL pallete.
How is the table top impregnated? +-
The Helen table top is usually impregnated with an oil-wax in a natural, cool shade. If you are interested in other coloring or impregnation with varnish, just leave us a note when placing an order or contact us immediately after placing an order. Here you can read more about impregnation methods.
How will the table be delivered to me? +-
We make sure that our tables are safe during transport and we send them to a private transport company that goes directly from point A to point B, without reloading along the way. Before shipment, we set a date together with you and the preferred hourly delivery range. The table is sent completely and does not require assembly.