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Jak impregnować blat stołu? Olej czy lakier czy olejowosk? Baza wiedzy Hoom

Which Wood Finish Is Best? Oil, Lacquer or Wax?

Table Finishes: Oil vs. Lacquer?

A perfect way to impregnate a table – that’s the subject that might give many of us sleepless nights. Are you wondering which type of impregnation to choose? Which one will be best for you? Which coating is the most durable and which is the safest and most ecological? We’ll try to answer all these and many more questions in the following article.

Which way of impregnation is the best? Oil, varnish or hard wax oil?

There’s no one easy answer. Why? As the decision on how to impregnate the table’s top is very individual. We all have different needs, habits, tastes, and expectations.

In the infographic below we presented the most important properties of oils, varnishes, and hard wax oils so that you could in an easy way compare and analyze them and decide which coating will be best for you.



co wybrać olej czy lakier? jak impregnować stół?


As you can see, the oil coating gives a very natural finish but requires diligent care and is the least resistant to stains. Varnish gives a hermetic, very resistant to stains coating, but kills the natural touch of the wood and is difficult in a renovation. What about the hard wax oil? According to our observations, many tests, experiences and hundreds of impregnated tables, hard wax oil is the best product for impregnation. It combines the best properties of oil and varnish – brings out the natural look of wood and protects the tabletop against stains.