Interior Designers

Interior Designers


A product perfectly adjusted to the design

A well-suited piece of furniture is a crucial element of the design, that’s why the dimensions and colors of our products can be freely changed. You can combine different legs with available top finishings so that the furniture fits the interior perfectly well. We’re not afraid of challenges. Neither the big ones nor the small ones.

As we manufacture all the furniture by ourselves, we can offer you making a table in accordance with your own design. Apart from the individual orders, we take care of the commercial projects for offices, hotels, and restaurants.


Only natural materials

It’s really important for us what our products are made of. We use only natural, high-quality materials for production and we don’t accept any substitutes. We choose both wood and stone on our own, trying to match them to a given project. We combine them with steel, brass and other metals. All these elements are made from scratch in our manufacture.


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