George Table

A classic table in a Scandinavian style made from solid oak wood. The color and grain brought out by oiling make a great ornament out of this table. The top is cut at a certain angle makes the whole form look light and subtle.

Oak Wood



Oak Wood
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160×90, 180×90, 200×100

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Simplicity and Minimalism

This Scandinavian table is characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and clean lines. George table was made from the highest quality oak wood. Beautiful grain, brought out by impregnation with natural oils, gives it an exceptional charm and emphasizes its uniqueness. It’s light, practical and beautiful. It will give your interior a Northern look.

A perfect Scandinavian table is the one which is well designed, matching the interior, made from noble and solid materials with attention to details. If you need a few additional sits for your guests, you can order this table in a fold-out version.

Stół w stylu skandynawskim, ręcznie robiony, cały z litego drewna dębowego - Stół George od Hoom


Scandinavian style dining table made from oak wood - George table by Hoom
Stół w stylu skandynawskim cały z drewna dębowego idealny do jadalni. Stół George od Hoom
Skandynawski stół z drewna dębowego do jadalni - Stół George od hoom
Stół w stylu skandynawskim wykonany w całości z litego drewna dębowego. Stół George od Hoom
Skandynwski stół z litego drewna dębowego. Stół George od Hoom

Oak Wood

What catches attention when looking at this Scandinavian table is not only its design but first and foremost, beautiful, natural wood. Being durable and resistant to damages, oak wood will make George table a great decoration for your home and your dining room for many years to come.

The wood grain is beautifully brought out by oiling. This table will bring a natural, Scandinavian look to every interior.

Dimensions 160x90x78cm 180x90x78cm 200x100x78cm
Number of people688
Tabletop Thickness4cm4cm4cm
ImpregnationWax OilWax OilWax Oil
Foldingcontact uscontact uscontact us

Most common questions

From what wood can you make me a table? +-
We work only in solid wood. We do not use veneers or wood-like products. We have access to almost all European and exotic species. Most often for products, we use such species of wood as - oak - ash - American walnut - teak to one of the hardest and most durable wood species. You can learn more about wood species in our knowledge base.
Can this table be ordered in a folded version? +-
Yes, write to us in the chat and tell us what dimensions of the table before unfolding and after unfolding you are interested, and we will prepare for you an individual valuation for selected parameters.
How is this table impregnated? +-
The George table is impregnated with oil-wax in a natural, cool shade. If you are interested in other coloring or impregnation with varnish, just leave us a note when placing an order or contact us immediately after placing an order. Here you can read more about impregnation methods.
How will the table be delivered to me? +-
Our products are made to order. We do not have any warehouses where we store ready furniture. The delivery of our tables and tables is carried out by a private transport company that delivers them directly on the day of dispatch. Thanks to this, we are sure that our products in transport are safe and will not be damaged, and you will be able to enjoy their beauty after unpacking.