• Benches

    A bench in the home can be used in various ways and for different purposes. In the dining room, placed alongside a table, it provides additional seating and creates a cohesive, minimalist duo. Placing it in the hallway or bedroom offers extra seating or a place to set things down.

    Our benches are not only beautifully designed but, above all, practical. Combining these two qualities allows you to create interesting and unconventional arrangements.

    A bench placed alongside a table offers more seating than individual chairs.

    You can set up two benches on either side of the table, or just one and pair it with stylistically matching chairs.

    A wooden bench enables you to create an arrangement that harmonizes with your home and taste.

  • 66
    Floki Bench
    Oak wood
  • A bench in Scandinavian style
    George Bench
    Oak wood
  • oak dining bench
    Leon Bench
    Oak Wood
  • 1
    Rollo Bench
    Oak wood

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