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Which wood to choose on the table?

What type of wood to choose for a table so that it serves you for many years?

What type of wood to choose from? Which one is the most durable? What are the differences between particular types of wood? Which one is the best? If you decide to buy a table that is supposed to serve you for many years, the choice of the type of wood is crucial.

Why wood?

For thousands of years, wood has been a very popular and widely used material. Apart from its aesthetic features, wood is, first and foremost, an ecological and fully renewable material. In order to obtain it, we need nothing more but the process of photosynthesis.

Wood processing requires by far less energy than, for example, MDF manufacturing.

Wood has an immensely positive impact on the interior’s microclimate. It absorbs some of the humidity and when the air is too dry, it gives it back. It has a positive impact on both: our mood and our airways.

Types of wood

What type of wood to choose for a table? What to pay attention to when making this decision? The choice is huge – from native species to exotic ones.

I will try to explain what factors should you take into consideration when choosing the type of wood and what are the differences between particular types of wood. In a simple infographic at the end of this article, you will find the most important features of six types of wood described below.

01. Oak Table

An indisputable king among the European species and, at the same time, the most popular wood among our customers, despite its rather high price.

Why? Because oak wood, apart from its beautiful, warm, a bit golden color, and clearly visible, characteristic pattern, is very durable and resistant to mechanical damages. Oakwood is perfect for a table, desk or kitchen tops, and any other furniture.

in the picture, the Pablo oak table impregnated with hard wax oil in a natural honey color


02. Ash Table

Ash wood is as hard as, or even harder than, oak wood. The price of this unappreciated wood type is more attractive than the price of the popular oak wood. The color of ash wood often varies, from light and sunny to brown or dark brown shades (dark heartwood is characterized by the greatest hardness). The wood grain is very clear and interesting, the bigger and wider the grains, the more durable the wood.

King ash table with natural edges


3. American Walnut Table

American walnut is extremely valued around the world, not only because of its beautiful dark brown color but also due to the interesting and clear grain that gives it a unique character. Thus, that’s one of the reasons why the price of American walnut wood is very high in comparison to the European species (it’s three times more expensive than oak wood). Walnut wood is also durable and resistant to mechanical damages. It looks good with lighter shades of wood.


Francis table made of American walnut


04. European Walnut Table

One of a few species of wood of such diversified looks. Its colours are the shades of brown, from light to dark, from the shades of grey to blacks. European walnut has untypical grain, it’s very clear and irregular. This type of wood is really unique and rare. It is durable and resistant to damages.

05. TeakWood Table

A beautiful and exotic type of wood with diversified and clear grain. One of its biggest advantages is that it doesn’t warp or fracture. Furthermore, teakwood has a natural resistance to external forces, including water (teakwood is used, among others, in ship building). This type of wood is very expensive, its price is much higher than the price of American walnut wood.

Teakwood is of golden-brown color but there may also occur darker stripes.

In the pictures below, you can see our table with a teakwood top, a bit whitened, with an aging effect.