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Oval marble dining table - William Table From Hoom

Which marble should I choose on the table?

Marble is one of the noblest materials used to produce furniture. Tables made out of it are classy, elegant and timeless.

If you decide to choose a marble top, you need to remember that it’s a natural material and its look is the result of the work of nature. You will never find two stones with an identical pattern and shade. It’s this lack of repetitiveness that makes marble so beautiful.

There are many types of marble and, by extension, color variations. Each stone pit extracts stones of a characteristic for a given region mineral composition, shade or pattern.

The most popular types are:




One of the most popular and famous types of marble available on the market. Carrara is a sophisticated stone of a white color and grey pattern. This variety is composed of medium and coarse-crystalline white calcite minerals. It’s extracted in Italy, in the Tuscany region, in the Carrara province, hence the name.

Carrara marble is a durable type of stone, relatively resistant to airing, with great aesthetic value. It’s worth mentioning that it was one of the favorite materials of Michelangelo.





Marble originating from the Carrara family. Equally beautiful as its more recognizable brother. The white background is cut with a grey pattern that might even become green. Its pattern is more intensive than Bianco Carrara’s. This stone can be used only in interiors.





Black, exceptionally elegant marble with sporadic areas of a white pattern and fossil leavings. It’s called “black beauty” not without reason.

It occurs in two major types:

    – Negro Marquina First: of homogenous black color, virtually without the white pattern.

    – Negro Marquina Commercial: with a lot of white calcite.

The stone pit from which it comes is located in Vizcaya province, in the region of Pais in Spain.

It’s a durable and lasting marble, that’s why it’s greatly popular. It’s often combined with the white Carrara marble, creating a contrastive, elegant composition.





It’s marble with a dark brown background and random brown and white veins. There are light and dark kinds, depending on the intensity of particular veins. In a more expensive version, the color is homogeneously dark brown with a small number of white calcite veins.

The Emperador marble is extracted in the region of Murcia and near Valencia in Spain. 




Beautiful dark green marble with light green and white quartz veins extracted in the western Alps, in Italy. This stone is extremely resistant to atmospheric conditions, thus it can be used outside. Its unique color is the result of the oceanic collisions of the tectonic plates between Africa and Europe. It contains a lot of silica and has different variations depending on its amount. 

It’s a really interesting marble of high visual value.


It’s an original marble extracted in North Africa, in Tunisia to be exact. Sahara Noir is black marble with characteristic long white and golden veins. It’s perfect both for interiors and for outside as it’s resistant to atmospheric conditions. Sahara Noir is considered exceptionally elegant, thus it’s often used in exclusive interior designs.





Kind of dark grey stone with white quartz veins extracted in Iran. It’s sometimes called “Persian marble”. It’s widely used both inside and outside projects. It has many varieties. Usually, its colors are dark and brown with a cold, earthy shade.